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Let the breeding projects begin!

Posted by Kana on December 13, 2013 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (0)

In the early hours of this Friday morning (Like between 12-1) I finally hatched my perfect Eevee! It was a male, and it had 31 IVs in Hp, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp.Def, and Speed! I was so proud to finally have reached my goal! Switching parents did help, as I did a 4IV Eevee and a 3IV Ditto. I kept the parents in for another batch of eggs, and to my luck, I got another 5IV FEMALE Eevee! I nicknamed her Kairi, and she will be evolving into my future Sylveon :D 

Started my next project of getting the perfect Malamar. After realized I didnt have an adamant sync-lead, I looked through the Egg Groups that could breed with Inkay to see if I had any adamant male pokes I could use. To my luck, I had a wonder-traded Adamant female Froakie with 5IVs. So I bred that Froakie with a ditto in order to obtain a male with hopefully some good ivs to shorten the iv breeding time. While those were in the daycare making babies, I went to hunt for some Inkay parents in the friend Safari. And what do you know?? I catch a female adamant Inkay with her hidden ability. Lol. But it doesn't matter, cause I then had a father with 5ivs! 

Right now I'm getting 3, 4, and 5 iv Inkays. I'm aiming for flawless and getting 6ivs. If I can't do it by the time I go to sleep though I'll have to re-do a little bit of my breeding to get the desired iv spread (without sp. attack).

My very first blog entry!

Posted by Kana on December 12, 2013 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello to whoever is reading this! (aka...nobody ;__;)

I spent today being lazy and resting. I'm home sick with the flu until Monday, which means, lots of time for Pokemon X playing! Today, I decided to go through all my wondertraded boxes and check the pokemon I recieved for their IVs. I ended up only keeping the ones with 3 or more IVs, and releasing the rest. Doing this brought me from 4 boxes full, only to about 2 boxes full! That just goes to show that only a good half of the pokemon you recieve via wondertrade are really good! 

As for my Eevee Project, the total eggs I've hatched as of now (7:40PM) is around 25 or so. I didn't spend a lot of my time that I did play on my game working towards my Eevee goal, but hey. I have the rest of the night! I'm not getting very lucky right now, but hopefully more luck will come my way.